• Convention Compilation - September 4th

    Conventions happen all year long
    Hopefully we don't see anymore go wrong

    We have three in this post, with headlines below. 
    So why not throw caution to the wind, and give it a go?
    • CanterlotCon Pre-Registration Tickets Go On Sale
    • DerpyCon South Weekend Admission Sale
    • John de Lancie Heading to Salt Lake ComicCon

    CanterlotCon Pre-Registration Tickets Go On Sale

    Pre-Registration Tickets

    CANterlot Convention is pleased to announce our per-registration tickets are now on sale! https://canterlot.ticketbud.com/canterlot2013
    Adult Weekend tickets are $45.00
    Children Weekend tickets: $20.00
    Saturday tickets are $25.00
    Sunday tickets are $20.00

    Vendor Applications

    Have some cool stuff to sell? Here is where you can apply to get a booth for your service!
    8′ x 8′ = $90.00 CDN
    8′ x 4′ = $65.00 CDN


    Volunteer Applications

    Want to lend a helping hoof? Do you enjoy working with your fellow bronies to help make this convention happen? Then step on up and sign up here.

    Trixie’s Talent Show

    Can you beat the Great and Powerful Trixie at her own game? Have a skit or talent you want to show off? The Great and Powerful Trixie challenges you to compete in her talent show so get your hat and cloak on and prepare to amaze and be amazed. Signups here at: http://canterlotconvention.com/performer-appplication/

    DerpyCon South Weekend Admission Sale

    I wanted to put out that DerpyCon South will be holding a general admission sale starting at 00:00:01am Saturday all the way up until 11:59:59pm Sunday. We will be reducing the admission to $35 for the entire weekend before completely ending pre-registration and only taking at-the-door reg of $50 at the convention after that date.

    John de Lancie Heading to Salt Lake ComicCon

    I don't know if this is actually pony focused, but Salt Lake Comic Con has announced John de Lancie for attendance.  Find the page for that here.