• Hasbro Q2 2013 Earnings Show Big Gains For Girls

    It's that time again when big businesses all around the world start to release reports on how they did this past business quarter and Hasbro is no exception! We've got some interesting news from their quarterly release about their different divisions, particularly how well the girls section of the company is doing!

    According to the official Hasbro release, quarterly and yearly revenue was down over last year, primarily due to a decline in sales from the boys division of the company due to the releases of major boy centric movies in 2012 not bolstering revenue this year.

        Net Revenues ($ Millions)
        Q2 2013     Q2 2012     % Change
    Boys     $253.7     $389.1     -35%
    Games     $255.4     $214.8     +19%
    Girls     $149.4     $104.2     +43%
    Preschool     $107.8     $103.4     +4%
    What is awesome to note is the huge increase this quarter over last year's figures, showing an increase of 43% in the girls division primarily spurred on by both Furby and My Little Pony brands according to the report and contributing to the division's 4th straight quarter of growth. Well done!

    In the shorter more to the point press release by Hasbro, they make mention of strong growth in MLP as well as a number of other brands though also point out major new initiatives in Girls, Pre-School, and Games coming this winter. More details will be made available on Investor's Day on September 10th.

    A small section on Equestria Girls has also been added explaining they have noted positive results from the film and how it has been added into more theaters while also mentioning its release in 20 countries and on DVD in August. Products for the movie will also start to appear more frequently on toy store shelves around the same time.

    Finally, mentions of the success of MLP include quotes on it being highly rated worldwide and Hasbro acknowledges that investment in Hasbro Studios has been playing a great role in contributing to their brands success so I would expect funding to shows like MLP to at least remain constant or increase based on this information.

    Well, it looks like ponies are still doing great so we can expect even more to come from the looks of it! Check below for links to the official Quarterly Reports source.

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