• Nightly Roundup #414

    Aw, don't be bashful Derpy. You really do look cute in that bow!

    Time for the news folks, hot off the presses! Check after the break.

    School Presentation Talks About Ponies

    Another pony presentation has popped up on the internet! I still don't know how people can talk about ponies in front of large crowds of people who aren't fans.

     Adventures in Subcultures: The Bronies

    Bronies seem to be the popular thing this season to write articles about. This one comes to us from the website Bad Reputation, a website dedicated to gender equality. It's an interesting read so give it a look and decide for yourself!

    Adventures in Subcultures Link

    Cycle for Hope Charity Effort

    Dori-to, an awesome pony artist over on dA, has started a charity drive hoping to raise money for a variety of causes! Check out the journal entry for more details.

    Cycle for Hope

    Project Ponyville Mystery

    And now we have a pony based board game! Ponies are really invading everything.

    Copy Paste:

    Since then, we were busy making a complex and beautiful MLP-FiM boardgame. We kept it a secret until we were absolutely sure that we could get it on the road. And today is the big day where we can say: YES, the planning is 90% done, the work progresses well, this will indeed happen!

    But first things first, what kind of boardgame are we talking about? Well, we basically took the magnificent boardgame Arkham Horror and decided to completely change everything into the My Little Pony universe.

    Arkham Horror, if you are not familiar with it, is a game that’s set in the Lovecraft universe and takes place in the small city Arkham where the players, exploring the city and other worlds as investigators, have to work together to solve mysteries, fight monsters, cultists and other nasty stuff to prevent them from waking an Ancient One (for example Cthulhu) or defeating him in a big final battle.

    The game has a wonderful feel, thousands of little encounters, stories, possibilities, and a really dark, sinister and mysterious setting.
    We want to ponify all of this. Arkham becomes Ponyville, Ancient Ones become the great show villains, the investigators are ponies of course, etc.
    Imagine playing a game where you explore Ponyville, being Trixie, Lyra, Derpy, …., solving mysteries as you go, meet other ponies, fight parasprites, Diamond Dogs, and of course the big villains like Discord, Chrysalis or Nightmare Moon.

    For this to happen, we have to rewrite hundreds of cards, create unique artworks for weapons, locations, investigators, magic spells, pets, enemies items and on top of that, the whole design to make everything fit perfectly together.

    The main goal is to create a perfect mix between the dark and mysterious feel of Arkham Horror and the beautiful and happy tone of My Little Pony.
    Of course, we need help! We need artists, writers, maybe even somepony who would create us a web-presence. What we offer is a good plan, much motivation, a platform to discuss and give/get feedback and muffins!

    If somepony is interested in helping us

    We can be contacted per E-Mail -> [email protected]
    via our Deviant-Art Group -> http://ponyvillemystery.deviantart.com/
    or directly at my DeviantArt profile -> konsumo.deviantart.com

    Pizza Hut is Best Pony

    Those guys over at Pizza Hut just can't stop being awesome can they? Then again, ponies and pizza go together very well so maybe so many Pizza Hut ponies isn't so suprising.

    Everfree Northwest Iron Authour Winners

    Copy Paste:

    Amidst the voice actors, artists, musicians, and general attendance of Everfree NW, some brave souls took on a challenge: The Everfree NW Iron Author Flash Fiction Competition. With only two hours to work they had to craft a story that included three key traits.

    1) A theme of Loss of Greatness
    2) Ponies eating/talking about Lunch
    3) The setting of Ponyville's Clocktower

    The competition was stiff, words were slung, and, somehow, we went through it all without seeing a single moose. The stories were judged by Everfree's writing panelists Pen Stroke and Silver Quill as well as the volunteer Gemini Star. The winners were announced at Everfree, but the judges are happy to announce the winners here, on Equestria Daily, as well.

    So, without further ado, here are the Everfree NW Iron Authors.

    --1st Place
    Take Me to the Sky by Kitsune Heart (Fimfiction | Google Doc)

    -- 2nd Place
    Holding On by Bookish Delight (Google Doc)

    -- 3rd Place (two way tie)
    The Garden Party by The Serpent Dynamic (Google Doc)
    Friendship is Greatness by Brad May Fan (Google Doc)

    We would also like to congratulate all the authors who entered, and would like to encourage all of them to keep writing!

    Ponyinabox Teaser Trailer!

    The folks who brought us Doctor Whooves Adventures are working on a new project! Check out their little teaser below.

    Successful Meetups

    Ravinia Meetup

    John de Lancie is one classy dude! He's just so kind to his fans and just an awesome character. 

    Copy Paste:
    The Ravinia with Discord meetup for Saturday was success for both The Windy City Bronies and Midwestern Brony Division!

    Orlando, Florida Meetup

    Group page- https://www.facebook.com/groups/centralfloridabronies/
    Airsoft mock war- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkwX_k9f8N4
    Brony Beach Minicon

    Copy Paste:

    The day started off with a bang as over 50 people showed up early at the City of Virginia Beach Meyera E Oberndorf Central Library on August 18th. Our staff was surprised at how many bronies showed up, and were even more surprised as they continued to file in! By the end of the convention, the room held over 90 bronies, with only 20 of them being staff, volunteers, and vendors/artists.

    Our attendees enjoyed a selection of video games, episodes from season 2, an entire dance break, and some of them even went home with prizes from our raffle! There were many attendees that decided to wear costumes for the convention, one of the more popular choices being Vinyl Scratch. We even had people coming from the library to check out the convention, and some of them decided to purchase a badge to join in on the fun! Everyone had a blast, and it was a great time for everyone, especially a few bronies who aren't able to normally talk with other bronies.

    Thank you to all of the attendees and V.I.P members that made it out to the convention, to the wonderfully talented artists and vendors that displayed their works during the convention, to all of our helpful volunteers that were fully dedicated to the convention, and lastly, thank you to the wonderful staff that work extremely hard and dedicated countless hours to make the convention possible.

    Also, we would like to thank Hunter Dewing (TerminalHunter) for being able to make it out and give an incredible presentation about "Budding Friendships"! Our attendees enjoyed his presentation very much, and a lot of them seemed excited for the game's release!

    We wish that those of you that couldn't make it could have, and hopefully we will see them at next year's convention. As always, please check our Facebook, Blog, and Twitter for more information. If anyone has any feedback or questions our email is always open ([email protected])

    Thank you again to everyone that had a part in making this convention what it was!


    Games Com Meetup


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Brony Skype

    Copy Paste:

    Ever since Everyfree Northwest we have had a skype call with +30 people on simultaneously, and growing!

    This is most like a Brony Gathering or get together, we talk about everything including Music, Art, and colaborations each person has done.

    It is a fast and effective way we are all sharing our work pony or non-pony (mostly pony) related!

    And the benifit is I personally will grant 10 second along with text advertisement to ANY (no restriction) work a brony would like!

    Best example; PonyPlushie.com created a evfnw coupon for 10% off plushies with the advertisement and we raised $22 for St. Michael's Hospital Foundation

    (not much, but with people/dollar that is a good ratio!)

    We would very much appreciate letting others know about BronySkype, you can join too!

    add BronySkype on skype

    also go to 

    Krakow Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    I'd like to inform, that on next Saturday (25 August), there will be brony meetup in Krakow, Poland.

    All the information are here: http://www.krakow.ponies.pl/

    West Virginia Facebook

    Copy Paste:

    After seeing the one posted in the 399th Roundup, I felt somewhat bad for not going ahead and submitting my own Facebook group for WV.

    4x the amount of people as the last one (A whole 12! Whoo!).
    There's really no difference though, and I'm going to try and see if I can't work something out with the creator of the other one.

    Original Character Tourney - Fallout Equestria

    Winner will be mentioned in the Fallout 3 conversion mod!

    The Equestrian Wastes
    Concepcion, Chile Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    The meet-up will be at the medicine arch of the University of ConcepciĆ³n. on august the 25th. around 13:00.
    Athens, Ohio Meetup - Calpain is an Ohio Newb

    Over on Twitter I've been talking with a few fans from Ohio and we are planning a meetup to show me around my new home of Ohio. If any of you are in the Athens area send me an email if you are interested! We plan to meet sometime on Sunday this coming weekend so there is still some time to plan. Hope to meet a few of you!

    Contact Calpain at: [email protected]

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Rainbow Dash USB
    Custom Yu-Gi-Oh Card