• Convention Compilation - (Late Edition) August 21st

    These cons are crazy! Seriously, you guys need to give them a shot.  Small isn't a bad thing.

    This post is a bit on the late side due to EFNW taking up our time. We will be returning to the regular Friday schedule for these posts again next week! 

    Have some headlines:
    • Ponycon AU
    • Brony Fan Faire PMV Contest 
    • [Ru]BronyCon Overall
    • Kansas Silly Filly Con Announced
    • Brony-Con Midwest 2013
    • Bronycon Sponsored Meetup in Boston

      Ponycon AU

      Any Aussie bronies would be interested to hear of the first ever Australian fan convention. held on the 6th of April 2013.


      'Fillies and gentlecolts, mares and stallions, we here at PonyCon AU have fantastic news that we can finally share with you all, news we’ve wanted to share for quite some time and now thanks to confirmations, we finally can!

      PonyCon AU now has a confirmed date AND venue!!!

      The date will be Saturday the 6th of April 2013 and the location will be the UNSW Roundhouse!

      Spread the word around and get hyped everyone, we here at the PCAU sure as heck are'

      Brony Fan Faire PMV Contest  

      Brony Fan Fair is looking for Pony Music Videos to participate on our PMV contest! Submit your entry for the first PMV contest in the state of Texas! You don't even have to attend the convention to participate!

      Remember to read the Rules & Guidelines for our PMV contest, hosted by AnimeFunTV.

      Ready to submit your PMV? Click here. 

      [Ru]BronyCon Overall


      The 2nd of September, Sunday.

      The day awaited by everypony for long enough, the main event that will prolong Summer for two more days - the Second Russian Brony Convention - Summer [Ru]BronyCon 2012.

      A great deal of events will happen. Live musician performances, painters real-time drawing on a big screen, a part of great “Running of the Leaves” competition, a good few of small contests, the Mane6 matches, special guests and more.

      Convention will be held at Shokoladnaja Fabrika (Шоколадная Фабрика, “Chocolate Factory”) art-cafe (Moscow, Rabochaya st. 38)
      More information about venue and playbill will be added later.

      Estimated prices:
      Entrance ticket - 1000 RUB ($32)
      Entrance ticket for non-residents - 600 RUB ($19), railway or airline ticket and ID must be shown.

      Everypony.ru official announce (Russian)
      Everypony.ru forum discussion thread (Russian)
      VK official group
      Facebook event page

      Information here will be updated, stay tuned!

      Kansas Silly Filly Con Announced

      Welcome to Kansas City's first ever Brony convention, Silly Filly Con! Silly Filly Con 2012 is for all fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This one-day convention will take place at the Ramada Hotel in Overland Park, KS on September, 22nd 2012.

      What began as a mere meet up has turned into our first ever, full convention. Along for the ride this fall are special guests Nowacking (fan voice of DJ Pon3 / Vinyl Scratch in the hit YouTube Video "Epic Wub Time"), DJ Shamrock (Owner/Operator of Celestia Radio who will be live streaming the event), and White Dove Creations (amazingly talented plush creator).

      We will also be featuring other events such as Pony Bingo, Do Your Own Fan-dub, along with usual fare such as the cosplay and PMV contests.

      If you are interested, you can find us on Facebook at:


      Or of course, visit us on the web at www.sillyfillycon.org for event, hotel and registration information.

      Please email [email protected] for further information. Hope to see you there!

      Brony-Con Midwest 2013

      Brony-Con Midwest 2013 in is the planning stages and has openings for volunteers in several areas. We need people to help in the following departments: Events director, Events staff, AV staff and director, PR staff and director, VIP relations and director, Guest Relations and director and Vendor relations and director. Please contact us via the “contact us” tab at brony-conmidwest.com. Please include your skype contact info in the “comments” box as well as any questions you might have We will email you back and set up an interview. 

      We are also having a logo design contest! This contest is open to everyone but the logo must meet a few specifications. It must say “Brony-Con Midwest 2013” and it must not have licensed images, but original images are encouraged! The designer whose image is chosen will win either a free ticket to Brony-Con Midwest 2013 or a convention T-shirt. All images will become the property of Brony-Con and will be used for printed work and T-shirts. You may enter as many times as you want, but duplicates will be discarded. Please send us a link to your image using the “Contact Us” tab at brony-conmidwest.com. We will announce the winner when we have our web page “re-launch” event and the announcement about the convention date and location!

      Bronycon Sponsored Meetup in Boston

      Two Seasons Two Days is this weekend! This meetup marathon is organized by the Boston Bronies and endorsed by BronyCon! It will take place at Twenty University Drive in Nashua, New Hampshire (only one hour north of Boston), next Saturday and Sunday. Don't forget that we have a cheap rate worked out with the Best Western Granite Inn! Just contact them here http://tinyurl.com/bwginn and mention Daniel Webster College. This is your chance to see every episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in a theater setting.

      We will even have an artist's alley filled to the brim with local artists! In addition, we will have a ton of other fun events including the world debut of a brand new Pony RPG system, pony karaoke, and a costume competition! People interested in registering for the costume contest early should email [email protected] and you have until Saturday at 5PM to register! We also have a game room open all weekend long! Don't forget our gianormous announcement...it's something you've been wishing for!

      Once night falls, we'll have a rave! We are still looking for people who would like to DJ; if you have experience or even if you are someone looking to try your hand, contact [email protected] and include a sample if possible.

      For the full schedule go to http://derpy.me/tvwyV. To register go to http://derpy.me/OD48i where we already have over one hundred bronies set to have a weekend of pony filled fun! Don't forget this is ENTIRELY FREE! If you have any questions please contact [email protected] or [email protected] . We hope to see you all there and even have a short video for you all: http://derpy.me/gW5cX