• Tumblr Spotlight: Ask Blind Rainbow Dash

    Time for another Tumblr Spotlight! Hopefully with something a little different this time around than our usual fare. First off, thank you for the people that responded since the last spotlight with all of your suggestions, they really were a great help.

    As always, you can send Tumblr suggestions to either my email at [email protected] or to my Twitter account @CalpainEqD.

    For today's Tumble, we have a sort of sad one for you all to peruse. After an accident that rendered Rainbow blind, she begins to learn how to function in a world without sight thanks in part to her friend Twilight. While a fairly new Tumblr, it appears to update rather regularly, has good artwork, and a story arc that has potential!

    For those of you interested in something new, you can check out the first page of the Tumblr below:

    Ask Blind Rainbow Dash