• This Day in Pony History - April 26th - GIANT Luna, 4DE Big Mac Cancelled, and More!

    Horse size Luna anyone? April 26th was an interesting day across the years, with fan content primarily taking the spotlight.

    Head on down below for all the history for today!


    Back before AI let us grab voices from the show to sing things with, someone came up with a neat way to emulate Rainbow Dash - speeding up the voice of a regular song! It... kinda work, but it was good enough that this was once again another video that went viral across the internet.

    Sim Gretina is one of those early fandom big names that hasn't deleted all his pony stuff. This song was one of the ones that put him on the map! 

    We also had two best sisters play Portal 2!

    We had the early murmerings of Equestria Girls around this time, with an expanded synopsis making waves across the fandom.


    That 4DE line was going to be amazing. It's too bad it was cancelled. I actually worked pretty closely with them on a lot of these releases since they were the only ones producing plushies I was personally impressed with when it came to Hasbro's various licencees. Apparently trouble with shipping from China combined with years long approval process from Hasbro wiped them out. 

    We have a lot of lifessize plushies these days, but this Luna was pretty much actual horse size! If we count the horn at least.

    2016 was around the time it started becoming more and more difficult to get people to watch pony music videos. This was a really good one that was underappreciated with a cool comic style!

    Rarity is good. Have a Rarity.


    In a  Nutshell was fun times.