• Discussion: Smart Phones in Generation 5 of My Little Pony

    Thanks to the character reveal earlier, we now have a rough idea of the technology level of futurequestria. This includes the introduction of smart phones, albiet modified to hold with hooves.

    Character design discussion has become the minority as most people today are focused on battling it out over cartoon horses using technology instead. Have a dedicated discussion post for it! It's already pretty much the focus of Pony Life, but as a side show I don't think anyone really took it very seriously. This is main pony though. The future of our cartoon horse land. Some people see a phone as a parallel to the world they are trying to escape. Others see it as just another way to relate to their favorite characters. And a few of us are just here for the inevitable horse app puns. Where do you stand? Is this a deal-breaker, a winner, or something you don't really care about?

    Discuss below!