• Hasbro Investor Event 2021 - Liveblogging and My Little Pony News Gathering!

    IT IS TIME - We liveblog the pony news!

    We've had a trickle of information on the future of My Little Pony over the last few days, and now we unleash the flood!...hopefully. There is really no telling how much Hasbro will reveal at their investor presentation today. They tend to spread the reveals out to a bunch of random entertainment news sites, so expect some posts burying this one as we gather those up.

    This is a three hour event covering ALL of Hasbro's brands, so expect some gaps in updates. I'll only be covering the pony relevant stuff to keep things simple to read here. Luckily it's a pretty big year for pony, so I'm guessing we will see quite a bit.

    Anyway, head on down below! The presentation starts at 10 AM EST and ends at 1 PM EST. The liveblogging will happen whenever pony is brought up. 


    Hasbro is ditching plastic entirely. 

    We just posted an exlusive image from the movie! Go check it out!


    131% Increase in My Little Pony Viewership


    New male pony revealed from the new movie, and on the mane cast!



    Check them out animated over here!


    Currently on play-doh and waiting for more news. Stay tuned! 

    New Pony toys revealed! 

    More merchandise

    More Izzy:

    Event is over. It was pretty light on pony, but we got some big reveals anyway! Keep an eye on EQD for any updates over the next few weeks, as this definitely isn't the end.