• Somnambula Medidation Music: Koron Korak - Yoga with Somnambula [World Music]

    Over the course of catching up with the show, Koron saw the light and found out about Somnambula and her charms, and she became his second favorite pony. I couldn't agree more as I love her very much too and she's my favorite Pillar. If you know Koron, you could just guess that he was gonna make a musical tribute to her, and here it is! Inspired by that meditation scene in particular when she returned, and her new job as a yoga teacher, the musician fittingly conveyed those meditative vibes (not without reminding of his previous track Meditation with Fluttershy and Zecora) and we can easily immerse ourselves in the lesson as well as in Somnambula's character, and it's always so very appreciated. We are one step closer to nirvana!
    Also check out this 1Hr Version of the song for all your extended meditation sessions purposes!