• Nightmare Night Compilation Album: noise.horse - Music for the Headless Horse III

    Nightmare Night is just around the corner, and the noise.horse folks certainly have been busy preparing for it! Here comes the result of the labor of so many musicians who contributed to this 33-tracks album and new installment in the Headless Horse series, bringing spooky vibes, tasteful experiments, and blissful musical experiences. With many familiar faces such as GrazySmash, Cynifree, Tw3Lv3, and The Empty Tomb contributing, as well as regulars of the experimental pony music scene such as Kakofonous A. Dischord, flankƨy and Plastiq Toaster, the album is a pure joy to listen to. We're going from an Eternal Night to a Blank Slate, then we follow Flutterbat's Jungle Adventure, then we're Watching Luna Eclipsed for 12 hours straight because it's halloween, then we get Lost in Dark Woods, then while walking by a graveyard in Equestria we spot Regga Etching Their Name Into Tombstones, then we see Pinkamena & Monika Transcend Reality (and I think an audio interface gets removed at some point in the track, with that notification sounds from Windows), and lastly we can't help but Close Our Eyes as we were watching My Little Pony, but Mane 6 is possesed by demons. Yes, a wild ride indeed!
    Download the album from Bandcamp here! (Mature cover art warning!)