• Let the Magic of Friendship Fill You - Twilight Day Begins!

    It's that time my good friends, time to celebrate everyone's favorite Book Horse! Without Twilight going to Ponyville none of this craziness would have ever began so it's always a good idea to throw some appreciation her way to thank her for all the adventures these pastel ponies have had over the years.

    As with all of our appreciation days you can expect a number of posts dedicated to Twilight throughout the day. Of course we can't do this without your help and there is still some time to get your Twilight stuff in! If you do, make sure to get your stuff in by 12pm blog time if you want to be included.

    To send your stuff in to us send an email to [email protected] with Twilight Day in the subject line followed by what you are sending in.

    Example: Twilight Day - Comics

    We hope you enjoy our little day dedicated to Twilight and will see you all in earnest once posts pick up later in the day!

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