• Closing of FiM Album: Evgeniy Doctor - Shards Of Memory EP [Ambient/Psytrance/Downtempo/Orchestral]

    Evgeniy Doctor crafted an EP dedicated to express his feelings about the closing of FiM, and wow, music truly does convey more than what words can. You can definitely feel the love and the emotion in these tracks of various genres, all very deep in both musical ways and meaning. The intro track Magia Ex sets the stage of a grand happening in Ambient ways, Last Minutes is sampling Twilight's vocals from I've Got to Find a Way in such an emotional way and features deep bass and choirs over a Psytrance progression of almost 8 minutes, Voices Of The Past is a collab with One Track Mind that definitly got those deep vibes on point, and the finale track Time To Become Infinite is a last tribute in Orchestral form that echoes our collective feelings of FiM remaining infinite. A pure gem of an EP, beautiful and powerful, that shows the extent of Evgeniy Doctor's talent as a musician, and also the power of his feelings!
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