• Show Song VA Cover: Wubcake - Better Way to Be Bad (Vocal Cover, Instrumental by Daniel Ingram)

    Ok I know solo music posts are normally reserved for full-fledged songs/covers, instrumental included, but this vocal cover is just SO impressive and provides such an awesome alternate version of that song, I just have to post it. What must be one of Wubcake's best works, this masterpiece of a vocal cover displays all the might of our beloved VA's talent, with the dazzling girl taking on not just one, or two, but all three of the contributing characters' vocal parts! I'm especially fond of the new Cozy vocals, with Wubcake's villain-sass VA work shining brighter than ever, and making for an incredible moment. Chryssy's part was aced as well, with a definitely very fitting VA work for the changeling queen. Even Tirek's part was impressively covered, and it proves once again that there's no character that Wubcake can't cover amazingly with her talent!