• Pony OST Music: Wandering Artist - Sky City (Day & Night) [Soundtrack]

    My favorite track from Ponies at Dawn Skyward, this one is quite special for me. And if you happen to be a lover of OST music and especially in J-RPG games, you might enjoy this in a special way too! Personally reminding me of the kind of soundtrack present in the Atelier games, making for untold emotion as I listen to this in the context of pony, this masterpiece from OST composer Wandering Artist aka John Doe is a progressive and melodic experience featuring many orchestral instruments and taking us on a journey in the Sky City. More precisely, it perfectly acts as a BGM for when we're exploring the place as a pony, and there's a version for daytime and one for nighttime, both included in this track. From the incredible melodies and the unique progression alike, the emotions from the music are completed by more emotions from thoughts of adventuring with your pony companions/party members, going through many epic cutscenes of story twists and character depth, on your way to save the world or to become a successful alchemist, and that, is the distinct magic of OST music.