• More Ponies At Dawn Skyward Music! Come on, the sky's the limit!

    You've probably heard a good deal of the masterpieces from the mega compilation album Ponies at Dawn Skyward already, and grabbed the whole album too by now, but in case you missed them here are some more songs from the album that got a YouTube release in the meantime! If you're looking for quality then you won't be disappointed!

    1. SKUNKED - Sky High
    Instrumental - Dubstep
    Soar into the sky with these addictive melodies and amazing drops along Pinkie!

    2. StrachAttack - Endeavor
    Instrumental - Drumstep
    Enjoy that pure StrachAttack signature sound, that is always such a bliss!

    3. Jyc Row & PegasYs - I'll Fly High (feat. BlackGryph0n)
    Vocal - Epic Orchestral
    Featuring the one and only BlackGryph0n and thus delivering utterly incredible vocals with lyrics by PegasYs, Jyc's contribution to the album is definitely as epic as ever!

    4. John Kenza - Life Box
    Instrumental - Melodic House/Trance
    John's uplifting and happy track from the album has actually quite the personal backstory around it, read more about it from the description!

    5. GrazySmash - Thunderbolt
    Instrumental - Psytrance
    More tribal Psytrance? Yes please! GrazySmash totally nailed the genre, previously introduced in the community by MrMehster and tracks like SP1RIT ANIMAL and Ujasiri, so feel free to check those out if you're looking for more in this style!

    6. Reverbrony - The Orca's Mercy
    Instrumental - Metal
    To our greatest delight, Reverbrony contributed to the album with his unique progressive style that I love so much! And look at that awesome picture of Sunset playing the guitar!

    7. Silva Hound - Glimmer Time (R3CTIFIER Remix)
    Instrumental - Dubstep
    Providing with some more GLIMMY love, R3ctie remixed Silva's track with much creativity and love, and those vocal chops are pure bliss along the clean beats and hard-hitting drops!

    8. Suskii & VooDoo - Gak Is Back!
    Instrumental - Dubstep
    Those of you who use to watch livestreams of new MLP episodes as their air on TV (or even better, to watch them on TV directly if you live in the US) might recognize what this track is about. Some streams now thankfully play (awesome) custom music during ad breaks, but you might still remember those greasy Gak ads, and Suskii and VooDoo voiced their own thoughts on the matter with a mad Dubstep banger!

    9. Faulty & PegasYs - Hottie Trotties
    Vocal - House
    PegasYs' pony concepts are always so lovely and this one is no exception! The very cute and addictive instrumental is such a beauty, and along with the delightful vocals, this collab with Faulty sure provides a fitting music theme for these Hottie Trotties!

    10. VooDoo - Reformation
    Instrumental - Drumstep
    Very cute and pony-like with these bright melodies, VooDoo's solo contribution to the album also features refined sound design and punchy beats!

    Omake/Bonus: Official live release party stream & chat recording