• Fanfic Music: Vylet Pony - Danger Close (feat. PrinceWhateverer, Omnipony & Namii) [Dubstep/Hard Rock]

    From the title alone you should already know that you're in for something crazy amazing! As part of the Homeward concept album (story here), Vylet teamed up with other talents to bring you Danger Close, a track shapeshifting from gorgeous and very cool Namii vocals, to crisp and drippy sound design and heavy Dubstep drops with Omnipony's flair and game, to straight out gritty Hard Rock with those blissfully aggressive rhythm guitar riffs, lead guitar accompaniment and rocking vocals courtesy of PrinceWhateverer! Vylet had such an incredible vision with this one, I absolutely adore experiments with blending electronic music and rock music, and this turned out so well!