• Discussion: What Top 5 Secondary Ponies Would You Like To See Return for a Full Episode in Season 9?

    If season 9 does turn out to be our last, we only have 26 episodes left to spend on either current of new characters. Friendship is Magic has had an enormous amount of new additions over the past eight years, from big time villains to adorable incidental ponies with only a few lines. The fandom has taken these ideas and expanded them, but for official content, they only have so many minutes of episode time to give.

    Time to discuss that! Pick 5 ponies (or characters) you want to make a grand return for season 9. Each of them will get a full episode. Does Photo Finish deserve a comeback? Should Rara return for some heartwarming Applejack shenanigans? Or Maybe we head back to egypt and see how Somnambula's meditation class is going with all of the catastrophic things that happen around Equestria these days?

    Pick your five below in the comments!