• Equestria Daily Instagram Now Live and Actually Being Used!

    With the mass exodus from Facebook,  people have been switching to instagram in droves. ...Which is also owned by Facebook. No one told them though.

    Late to the game? A little bit. I blame me getting tired of Social Networks. Luckily Cobalt Comet has decided to hop on and take over this one.

    EQD is now officially updating on Instagram. It will be handled like the Facebook page, where only major news/merchandise/and a few awesome standout fan things will be posted. We will probably do a few events to help grow it, since again, it's pretty damn late. I think there is even an unofficial instagram out there for the site with a ton of followers at this point.

    Do us a favor and like and share the posts there so it actually gets some traction. It's pretty much in your hands at this point. May we share pony with the WORLD!