• My Little Pony CCG Fully Announces "Seaquestria and Beyond" Set - Pre-Release Events Planned

    The upcoming Seaquestria set was revealed a few months ago by Toywiz for the My Little Pony Collectable Card Game. So far we've gotten a preview of a few teased cards over here.

    A new update from Enterplay has detailed how the set will work. The weekend of November 17th will be the time to mark if you want in on the pre-release,  where they will be giving out foil Tempest Shadow Troublemaker promo cards, the seashell token, a set icon, a collectable podtcard, and the usual tournament for winning more cards.

    A signup list for stores can be found over here.

    The set itself adds two new keywords: Travelet and Transform, with the mane 6 and new movie characters all making a showing.