• More Early MLP Movie Theater Releases - USA Raffle and France

    The San Francisco Chronicle is doing a limited viewing raffle for the My Little Pony movie on September 30th. Members of the chronicle can head over to this page and sign up for a drawing where a small group of people will get to see the movie seven days early. To join in, you need to fill out the form over here. Winners will be completely random and notified by the 25th of September. Details on the location and times can be found here.

    And over in France, theaters around the country are doing an advance screening on October 1st. The list is pretty massive, so hit up your local theater reservation sites and see if your theaters are available. Example reservation for date and time details:

    Update: The German release also has a ton more theaters now. Hit those up here.

    Thanks to Jason and Romain for the heads up.