• Bonus Music #85

    Bonus music time! We got a bunch of stuff tonight. Go get it below.

    [1] Source

    Flawless | MLP Piano cover by Matías Peñaloza
    Instrumental - Piano

    [2] Source

    Dj Shadow Music - Undecryptable Mind by Dj Shadow Music Official
    Instrumental - Bass House/Hybrid Trap

    [3] Source

    ismBoF - Gimme RD (Brownie Cover) by Biggysam
    Instrumental - Rock

    [4] Source

    Flyghtning - Rock trances by Flyghtning
    Instrumental - Techno

    [5] Source

    MLP:FiM Celtic Pony by LoneBronyProductions
    Instrumental - Orchestral

    [6] Source

    Swagberg - Pony Swag ft. Maros (Drixale Remix) by Drixale D.I.
    Vocal - Trap

    [7] Source

    Dance Magic | Cosine Pitchshifterz Remix by Cosine Pitchshifterz Official
    Vocal - Hardstyle

    [8] Source

    DezmoondPony - Inmate Chaos by Dezmoondpony
    Instrumental - Electronic

    [9] Source

    Inkwel - Angel by Inkwel
    Instrumental - Future Bass

    [10] Source

    N. Hollow - Crystal Shards by melismatic
    Vocal - Hip Hop/Trap

    [11] Source

    TPressleyJ - The Dawn of Boi [Trap] by TPressleyJ
    Vocal - Hybrid Trap

    [12] Source

    Psychoacoustic vs Flyghtning - Opal by Flyghtning
    Instrumental - Dance

    [13] Source

    Dj Shadow Music - Crystallizing Memories by Dj Shadow Music Official
    Instrumental - House

    [14] Source

    You're In My Head Like A Catchy Song (GotAnyBits Remix) by GotAnyBits?
    Vocal - House