• Pony Play Coming to "Theater Wit"

    A company called "Theater Wit" that runs various plays out of a venue in Chicago has announced an upcoming brony-centric showing, revolving around a brony meetup group. Apparently they somehow managed to fit 9/11 truthers, and missing pegasisters.

    Get the description and information on it below.

    January 5-February 24, 2018

    The Antelope Party

    by Eric John Meyer, directed by Jeremy Wechsler

    World premiere!
    It's sometime in the 2010s. The Rust Belt Ponies Meet Up Group for Adult Fans of My Little Pony has gathered in Ben's Philadelphia apartment, but two of their company have not yet arrived. A new recruit seems unusually shy and curiously paranoid about a local neighborhood watch group. What happened to their Pegasister, Maggie? Why is Brony Doug so paranoid? What does it all have to do with the 9/11 Truthers and an emerging group of "concerned citizens?"
    And that's just the first ten minutes.
    Eric Meyer's amazing and timely new comedy explores the rise of a new social order and how the currents of history, normalization and fear can sweep up even the most Generous ponies of Celestia?!?
    In the midst of increasing violence and authoritarianism, how can our heroes see the Magic in Everypony? And, even worse, what if they do?

    Thanks to Dom for the heads up.