• Ponies At Dawn: Guardians Available For Pre-Order - PonyvilleFM Radio Premiere June 23rd!

    Ponies At Dawn's 11th album, Guardians, is now available for pre-order in the lead up to its release next Friday. The tracklist includes artists like 4EverfreeBrony, Silva Hound, Aurelleah, Radiarc, Jyc Row, Replacer, FritzyBeat, The Wasteland Wailers and heaps more! It's releasing via a special PonyvilleFM radio stream that starts at 5PM EDT/9PM UTC on the 23rd of June, bookended on either side by some awesome DJ sets. The schedule for the stream is available here. You can pre-order the album on Ponies At Dawn's Bandcamp, and check out a preview video of all the tracks on the album below the break!