• Fall of AnterFOLD Version 5.0 Released

    Fall of AnterFOLD continues to progress as they happily release version 5.0 of their game! Primarily focused on graphical (updated textures on characters for instance) and gameplay (rebalancing) improvements it's another nice addition to the game.

    Get everything after the break.

    Version 5.0 now released. Welcome to stable age, we updated all episodes and returned to our roots of survival horror yes yes what we promised since version 2.0. 

    We have other good news with Tunngle, for now you can to play via the Tunngle service. For this you will need the client and an account. Don't forget to check our guide "How to play in co-op through Tunngle".
    Visual Part:
    - Updated all textures of blood.
    - Updated textures of characters and some of creatures.
    - Updated textures of pills.
    - Infection level now displays in right down side of screen.
    Gameplay's Part:
    - All episodes are updated.
    - All episodes got rebalanced.
    - Antivirus Pills don't restores status anymore.
    - Infection System now fully reworked.
    - Replaced hotkey 'I' with 'C' in Inventory Mode.
    Other Part:
    - Launcher now updated.
    - Added Tunngle support.

    Thank you for the support !

    Twitter: Calpain