• Discussion: How Do You Want to See The Cutie Mark Crusaders Handled in Season 7?

    At the moment, I think it's fair to see the Cutie Mark Crusaders are in some kind of limbo. Their butt symbols don't make a ton of sense to them yet, and they seem to have translated this unknown into the idea that their destiny is just to show other ponies their own purposes.

    As far as we know, this isn't really a common career in ponyland, as we haven't exactly seen a ton of adults or even teenage ponies that aren't already cutie marked. It might not even be viable as a career/life purpose going forward!

    So, fandom with all of it's incredible ideas, you have been tasked once again to solve this conundrum. How should the 7th season of the show handle the Cutie Mark Crusaders? Should they keep running this cutie mark assistance program? Start chasing personal destinies? Or something else overall?

    Discuss below!