• Voting Opens for Top Pony Music + Top Pony Videos of September!

    It's that time of month again! Voting has opened for the top pony music of September, and I highly encourage all of you consume pony music to throw in your 2 cents - the more people who vote, the more legitimate the results are for the eventual top 10. If you're not sure what came out in September, Günz Brony has you covered with a playlist of everything that came out over the last month. You can check that out here, and you can vote for the tracks you love the most here! 

    Voting has also opened for the top pony videos of September, which is also well worth voting in - a lot of people spend huge amounts of time creating animations and other videos so it's always nice to see their efforts rewarded with a bit of extra recognition. Voting for this one requires you to post in the comments of the announcement video, so make sure to check that one out below along with the announcement video for the music one!