• The Path to SEAPonyCon - Episode 1

    The staff of SEAPonyCon have something fun for its potential attendees next August: the reveal of a new podcast taking you on a journey leading up to the event next year including updates, news from the staff, and more so you can keep informed on the status of the convention and prepare!

    Check out the press release after the break!

    Project SEAPonyCon just launched a new podcast where the team takes you on the journey towards Southeast Asia's most anticipated brony convention. Follow the latest updates with the team for news about activities, developments with the convention and things to look out for such as tips and tricks on how to make the journey to Bangkok.
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    In this episode:

    Thanks to the Element of Generosity in all of you, we raised over 5,000 USD towards the convention. We break down how much we finally received in this campaign.

    Should you have a question not covered by our #FrequentlyAccessedQueries at http://www.seaponycon.com/faqs.html, feel free to use the #AskSEAPonyCon hashtag on Twitter and Facebook and we will do our best to answer them through video.

    Time to save up for the journey! We have prepared 30 downloadable charts for you to print and help you plan out your savings as well as flight and hotel recommendations.

    Name: Project SEAPonyCon
    Date: 19-20 August 2017
    Location: Bangkok, Thailand

    Twitter: Calpain