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    Usually MLP:CCG decks shared here or on the official Facebook page are constructed by developers or playtesters... Let's fix that- now everyone's invited!

    All Hooves on Deck is an ongoing series that highlights fan decks that have been sent in. Below the break you can check out our first fan deck post, a Purple control deck featuring lots of Twilight and Moondancer friendshippery, and then under that are instructions if you'd like to join in on the fun and share some of your decks! Head on below the break to check it all out.

    Harmony deck: "Moondancer's Answers"
    by Snivian Moon

    Snivian Moon's deck introduction:
    A mono-purple brew, the deck strives to use control cards like Napcakes, Cutie Pox Scare, and Study Session to slow the opponent down in the early game. After having time to build up action tokens with Princess Twilight and Cover to Cover, a plethora of Events become easily playable. With Moondancer in play, Scope Things Out and Star Swirl Research can boost her power quickly, as can the Meticulous triggers from various entry friends.

    Plus, other fun tricks exist, including playing Interdimensional Portal on Trixie while holding a handful of events! The deck also runs a lot of Immediate Events, which combine nicely with Web of Dreams and Mayor Mare, should you need emergency Friends or prompt Resource removal. This deck started out as a way to cause faceoffs on the opponent's turn, but the recent rules change made that less relevant. Nevertheless, it's still quite fun! It's not the strongest deck, but it's very interactive and has lots of options!

    Mane Character:
    Princess Twilight Sparkle, Ambassador of Friendship (EO)

    Draw Deck:
    2x Twilight Sparkle, Ursa Vanquisher (PRE)
    3x Mayor Mare, Town Leadership (CG)
    3x Trixie, The Great and Powerful Showoff (CG)
    2x Cheerilee, Break It Up! (AD)
    3x Moondancer, Page Turner (HM)
    3x Princess Luna, Web of Dreams (HM)
    3x Owlowiscious, Reshelver (HM)
    3x Princess Twilight Sparkle, Cover to Cover (HM)
    2x Zecora, Forest Shaman (HM)
    3x Cutie Pox Scare (CG)
    3x Interdimensional Portal (EO)
    3x Napcakes (EO)
    3x Scope Things Out (EO)
    3x Star Swirl Research (EO)
    2x Rest in Pieces (HM)
    1x The Element of Magic, Complete Magic (CN)
    3x Study Session (CG)

    Problem Deck:
    2x Under Lock and Tree (HM)
    2x Spell Showdown (EO)
    2x Halfway Across Equestria (EO)
    2x The Trouble With Trixie (HM)
    2x Twilight's Worst Nightmare (HM)

    Good times - thanks for sharing, Snivian!

    It doesn't matter if you're a competitive player or if you play casually with your best friend once a month, your deck could be part of All Hooves on Deck!

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    Plus, the Deck Doctor is in and taking new patients - Deck Doctor posts will include your deck, plus some insightful feedback on how to help the deck play smoother, win more often, and hopefully be even more fun to play. And no worries - it's up to YOU if you want the Deck Doctor to review your deck, or if you want the spotlight all to yourself.

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    5. Mane Character, formatted as: Title, Subtitle (Set)
    6. Draw Deck, one card per line, starting with Friends first, formatted like this: 3x Spike, To the Nines (EO)
    7. Problem Deck, formatted similarly
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