• Spanish Convention Opens Crowdfunding Campaign

    SWUFEST is returning for a 2016 bid, with a new kickstarter for anyone in the are that wants another. If you live in Spain, head on down below for the presser!

    And we were not dead, no, we were at the happy hour! (for almost one year)

    Many people say that sequels are never up to the expectations. We, the Spanish and Portuguese bronies, disagree, so we are doing our second convention the 24th and 25th of September!

    And we are going even further! Live Music! Voice actresses from the Spanish version of the show! A bigger place to organize panels and activities, many stands and community guests, such as

    OhPonyBoy! Yeah, the author of great animations such as Drama Pony will be there too! We are aiming big... and we need help. If you wish to support us, please go to our IndieGoGo campaign. We are not just asking for money, we are also giving away some amazing gifts! Just check the T-shirt. Come on. You want it, we know it.

    Thank you so much for your support, even if it is just a nice word. Those really help, trust me.


    Indiegogo here.