• Something Buried in the News Earlier This Month - Mane 6 Backstories in Season 6?

    With all the hype for the Game of Thrones pony trailer, we completely missed something else in Animation Magazine's reveal of it. I blame the automatic reaction to skim that has been ingrained in our brains over the years. That trailer instantly snagged the eyes!

    Head on down below the break for a mini analysis based on something else!

    More specifically this line:

    Viewers will also be introduced to new characters, a few of which will reveal the mysterious backstory of some of the main cast.

    We have six ponies, two of which are an almost near mystery:

    • Fluttershy - There is an episode involving the possibility of her brother making an appearance, though we only have the title
    • Rainbow Dash - We saw her dad, but outside of that, the family is a mystery. Why does she live in a mansion? Are her parents rich? 

    And to a lesser extent:

    • Applejack - Are the parents actually dead? Or lost, with the potential for an epic journey across Equestria, deep into some mysterious jungle?! I'd watch it.
    • Rarity - We've seen her parents once, but outside of that the familial dynamic is still unexplored. Sweetie Belle seems to bunk with her quite a bit.

    I'm leaning toward Flutters being the major player this time. This is going to be a fun season!

    Thanks to Andrew for the heads up.