• BronyStudy Opens Season 5 Survey to Gauge Reactions

    Brony Study is doing another study on season 5 this time around. If you want to put your input in, head on down below for the details!

    The Bronystudy staff is busy writing our Book which will be published by McFarland Press in early 2017. However, we need all fans to help us answer several questions. We need to know how you rated season 5 and to know what you think about the Equestria Girl movies. We also have collected data about the most popular Brony artists, music and video producers and groups. We need your help with further input on these lists and on who are your favorite fan fiction writers. Finally, we are trying to further clarify how different types of fans can be explained by several personality variables.

    Please help us by taking the survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PostSeason5 .

    We hope to see many of you at BronyCon 2016, where we will discuss what our book will be saying about the fandom (almost ALL positive).

    Thank You... Dr Psych Ology