• Music of the Day #568

    What kind of music does Moondancer listen to? I bet shes hardcore into the EDM scene under an alias on weekends. There are rumors that someone found a pair of her glasses in a dumpster behind her house with LED's embedded in the frames. The girl is crazeh.

    I don't know why they were digging around in her dumpster though.

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    [1] Source

    Relax. Think. Study. Repeat. by IntersektPony


    [2] Source

    Long Travel - Lunar Dance by Lunar Dance


    [3] Source

    Asc3nsion - Away She Flies by Asc3nsion

    [4] Source

    ⌠♪ Music⌡Ponytronic - Melancholy Sleep (Original Mix) by OfficialPonytronic

    Future Garage - Chillout

    [5] Source

    fractilx - Square Root Negative One (theme of Minty Root) by Dreamland200S

    [6] Source

    MLP:FiM Image Song 30 Moondancer pt. 1 - Introverted Sorrow by B 86ed by Tunestar


    [7] Source

    Nightmare Moon - Cover by furrgroup

    [8] Source

    Life in Pink - TenderFlutter by TenderFlutter

    [9] Source

    Trojan Horse - A Famitracker Tribute to My Little Pony Friendship is Magic (GBC-Style) by Trojan Horse


    [10] Source

    I'll Show You My Loyalty- Feat. Feather (PonyFireStone Remix) by PonyFireStone