• Artisan Pony Crafts Compilation #70

    Wood burnings have this natural rustic feel to them you know? There's just something about drawing on wood that gives it a bit of extra charm don't you think?

    Ever wonder how they do it? Check out this video the artist of the piece above included in his email!

    As for the rest? Check out all the awesome pieces we have after the break.

    [1] Source

    Fancy Fluttershy v2 by Horseez

    [2] Source

    Sparkly Fillies Shadow Box by ShpooShadowBoxes

    [3] Source

    Princess Luna cutiemark plate by FreyaCBarber

    [4] Source

    for the pink side of life by Baraka1980

    [5] Source

    Luna in Full Color Sandstone by Uncommented

    [6] Source

    Pony-dragon Pendants by HowManyDragons

    [7] Source

    Wood Pixel twilight (For Sale!) by darkevil47

    [8] Source

    Sleepy beauty by LightDragon1988

    [9] Source

    Mini scale Ponies by daisymane

    [10] Source

    Glory Seeker by krowzivitch

    [11] Source

    Love Charm by krowzivitch

    [12] Source

    Rainbow Power Flutters by krowzivitch

    [13] Source

    Flash Sentry by krowzivitch

    [14] Source

    The Doctor and Muffins by SpikeFiremane

    [15] Source

    Cutie Mark Crusaders Go! by SpikeFiremane

    [16] Source

    Sci Fi Pony by Bergiloh

    [17] Source

    Roquefort by Bergiloh

    [18] Source

    Marian the Librarian by NToonz

    [19] Source

    Mirror Luna by NToonz

    [20] Source

    AJ by Furi-kun

    [21] Source

    Apple Jack Sculpture2 by fromamida

    [22] Source

    Chandra figurine by moemneop

    [23] Source

    Twitter: Calpain