• We Love Fine Reveals their New Chibi Figure Lineup!

    We've had teasers pop up throughout the last week, but now we finally have the actual figures themselves appearing on their website! It looks like they are running with a blind bag style format here for at least the ultra rares, with $15 bucks each or $156 for an entire case. Each case includes:

    2 Flutterbat
    2 Rarity
    2 Vinyl Scratch
    2 Pinkie Pie
    2 Princess Twilight
    1 Derpy - Semi Rare
    1 Ultra Rare of the 2 villains (Chrysalis and Discord?)
    Bought singly you have a 2/12 chance of getting Flutterbat, Rarity, Vinyl, or Twilight. A 1/12 chance of getting Derpy and a 1/24 chance of getting the Ultra Rare which appears to be either Chrysalis or Discord. 

    Pre-orders are available now, with estimated shipping date being December 16th.

    Head on over here for the store page.

    (Update: Blind bag system may be leaving soon. Info as it arrives)

    Thanks to Herbert, Jeremy, and Grant for the heads up!