• Courage is Magic 2.0 Releases For all You Traditional Gamers Out There

    Nothing is more friendship celebrating than some good ol' table top. The Courage is Magic game has now upgraded to it's next installment, with 2.0 bringing in a whole bunch of extra features over it's previous installment.

    The major changes include:

    • Complete rework of races and classes
    • Better formatting
    • Merit abilities
    • Redone rules
    • Destinies
    • And more! 

    Get the full details below the break, or go download it over here and dfiscover on your own!

    Welcome to the release of the new Courage is Magic! I'm so excited I can barely contain myself. A new season of ponies and a new take on the tabletop game that has absorbed so much of my life.

    I'll start off with a feature list:
    -Better PDF/Word document. We started from scratch in a new layout, letting us create a better looking document that lacks much of the problems left over from working on the same file for over four years. This means easier editing and faster updates!

    -Completely redesigned races and classes. Every single class and race has painstakingly been gone over by the dev team, and some are absolutely different. This preview edition includes the mane 6 classes (Spirits) and pony races, but we've gone far and beyond in the spirits than before. More fun to play, more dynamic and well balanced is the name of the game.

    -Merits (Unique abilities that players can pick and choose from) are more balanced now. Players have a much larger list that helps define what makes their characters special.

    -Redone rules. Aside from a new stat that replaces Integrity (We now use Agility), changed the health system, how things are calculated and streamlined the character creation process.

    -Destinies! My favorite feature of 2.0 by far. At level 6, players pick out a destiny that adds a second spirit on top of their current one, and represent your character finding their full realization. Become a master mage that invents spells for future generations, take over the Everfree Forest as a lord of the wilderness or even ascend into the pantheon of Princesses if you play your cards right.

    I'd like to go out of my way to thank my Dev team: Godna, Woomod and Nama for putting together such a freaking cool new system. And thank you to the players for giving this little game all the attention you think it deserves. You all mean the world to me!