• Discussion: Should a Future Episode Explore the Apple Family's Lack of Parents?

    We've already seen some semi-major confirmation that the Apple Bloom, Big Mac, and Applejack's parents are deceased from the show staff, but outside of two twinkling stars and Applejack staring up at them, not much has been said about their lack of parental figures in the actual show. With how many episodes we see about apple family shenanigans, it's surprising that we haven't seen at least a few more hints.

    So, good Equestria Daily readers and fandom filled with people that love to over-analyze things, should this be a topic of a future episode? Would you like to delve into Apple past and see what exactly happened to them? Or do you think this should remain a mystery for the rest of the show's airtime?

    Hell, for all we know they could have had a mid-life crisis and bolted to explore the world, only to return years later to an angry Applejack and a whole episode filled with glorious familial drama. (Or maybe that was all a rotten apple induced psychosis and they really were dead all along! A TWIST!)

    Hit those comments up!