• Story: Ponies Protecting Ponies (Update - Sequel)


    Author: Venates

    Description: We are Ponies Protecting Ponies, a secret organization founded by Princess Celestia for the good of all of Equestria's citizens. Whether it's running protection, disaster prevention, or a terrorist threat, one of our agents is on hoof. We do what we must to give our friends and family their peace of mind. We blend into the background, just like any other pony. Watching. Protecting. Under order from Princess Celestia herself, our agents have been assigned to the protection of a unicorn named Twilight Sparkle with specific instructions that the espionage tactics we're known for stay in play; Sparkle can't know a thing. She hasn't been a hard VIP to secure thus far; most of her time is spent either at Princess Celestia's side, or in the Canterlot library. Hopefully a brief visit to the nearby town of Ponyville doesn't bring her safety into question.

    Ponies Protecting Ponies
    Ponies Protecting Ponies: The Return of Chaos

    Living With Yourself (New - Sequel)

    The Bombed Audition  (New - Sequel)

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