• Nightly Rounderp #1039

    Cloudchaser is best beach pony.  Prove me wrong.  That's right you can't.  Who thought of her name anyway? That's the best pegasus pony name.  Chasing clouds all day.

    Get some roundup stuff to go with best pony.

    Richmond Review on BronyCan

    Ponies in the news! Get it here.

    Lindsey Stirling Likes Poni

    Success! Yay famous people.

    Pinkie Pie VA needed for Music Project

    Copy Paste:
    Howdy, howdy! Do you like ponies? Of course you do! Do you like heavy metal? Of course you do! Can you do a reasonable impression, both singing and talking, of Pinkie Pie?

    If the answer is yes, then you are desperately needed for a music project! I, Jake The Army Guy, drummer and fan fiction author of absolutely no acclaim, and renowned pony metal maestro The L Train— The Moonrise Saga, Heroes of The Sky, and Appleplosion—are working on a special project and we need us a Pinkie Pie! We're trying to keep it a surprise for the general public, so all we will say now is it's a pony parody of a well known song by the metal masters Megadeth.

    What we're looking for here is someone who can do a reasonable impression of Pinkie Pie, both singing and talking. Prior experience is not needed; we just need your voice! So, if you can do a Pinkie Pie voice and want to help out with a really fun homage to both a great band and a great pony, shoot an email to [email protected] You can send an audition if you want, or we can talk first, whichever you are more comfortable with.

    Stay safe, stay free, and stay metal! \m/

    Sweetie Belle of the Sea

    Shouldn't it be Scootaloo?!

    Brazilian Town Hall Posts Ponies

    No country is safe! Pony will be everywhere!

    Found over here.


    Equestria Games Analysis

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    Brony Cast

    The BronyCast hosts interview Tylor and Silver Nicktail from BronyCAN 2014 - an upcoming MLP convention in Vancouver, Canada.
    You can find more details about the event in our show notes

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    Pony Talk ep1: Friendship is magic part 1 and 2

    Head on over here for part 1, and here for part 2!

    Reactions are Magic: Rarity Takes Manehatten

    "The "After The Fact" of Reacts continues! This time, it's the Rarity episode everybody's been waiting for!...Well, almost everybody....Reminder, all of season 4 will be covered in time, so subscribe to the channel to stay updated."

    Get it over here!

    The MBS Show Reviews Fluttershy Micro Comic

    Hey there bronies & pegasisters

    On this weeks episode reviews, Norman Sanzo, James Corck and Silver Quill guest reviewer Lion Heart Cartoon review the My Little Pony Comic Fluttershy Micro.

    Join us as we discuss what we like and dislike about this episode and our overall thoughts on this episode.

    Check it out in the link below.


    Successful Meetups

    Toronto Meetup

    Yesterday, August 19, a few of the Bronies of Toronto meet up to greet a friend who lives far away. We meet up at the Younge-Dundas Square and we went to Hot Topic and then Silver Snail. After we decided to get food and donuts and setup near the waterfront for the picnic and had a fun time since our buddy who took this photo with my phone brought some hot sauce to go with the hot meatballs another friend brought over. Then we went back to Dundas Square and then decide to go to play some pool.