• Episode Battle Part 2 - Results Are In! Party of One Rocks It!

    Season one ended with all of us sad to see it go, and Party of One was right up there as one of the most liked episodes back in the day.  Up until now, Pinkie Pie was off the wall crazy, but personalitywise she was always a stable level of crazy. That got completely blown out of the water when this episode aired!

    On the fanfiction side of things, there was an infamous gore/horror fic called Cupcakes that people kept spamming out EQD fanfic box with sequels of (plz no).  To this day we still see fan art and music dedicated to it pop up.  It was always 100% fiction obviously, but when an episode with Pinkie losing her mind and Rainbow Dash visiting her happened, people were surprised at the striking similarity! Good thing Pinkie would never take it too far... right?

    Anyway, get the results below of the poll below! And hit the side bar for season two, episodes 1-13! I have a feeling another crazy pony might pull this one off, but you never know.