• MLP CCG Live Chat Reveals a Bunch of Stuff About Upcoming Canterlot Nights Set

    The growing MLP CCG card community has a whole bunch of stuff to look forward to in the future.  Along with the two ponies above being announced, a whole bunch of extra little tidbits of information has been compiled up from a live chat event that went down the other day.  Head on below the break for the full breakdown courtesy of Mr Offspring!

    - 2 news cards announced: http://i.imgur.com/8ww5icq.jpg?1
    (Premiere Set promo card) and http://i.imgur.com/yqq7VQD.jpg
      (Canterlot Nights ultra rare).
    - Mane Characters can be pulled in Canterlot Nights boosters (Uncommon rarity).
    - There will eventually be a new two-player starter set.
    - The will be fewer Problem cards in Canterlot Night boosters than Premier Set.
    - There will be the same number of common, uncommon and rare cards, 180 of those combined.
    - Marvelous Chapeau will make a return in one of the Canterlot night decks. No typo this time !
    - There will be fixed cards in Canterlot Nights theme decks.
    - Game devs are working on other multiplayer formats.
    - There will be no reprints in Canterlot Nights boosters.
    - Rarity and Luna cards in tins are Canterlot Night preview cards, the could be found in boosters.
    - Core rules won't change.
    - Any type of card asides from Problems, Mane Characters or Events can have the new keyword Unique.
    - Screwy PROBABLY will not be the only non-Yellow Critter ever made.
    - If fans want them, there could be Equestria Girls cards.
    - There will be new things (mechanics ?) happening on Canterlot Nights Problem cards.
    - Content from Season 4 will be seen on Canterlot Nights cards.
    - Canterlot Nights will have many magical flying colorful speaking horses. Some of them even have horns!