• Fun and Speculation: Russian Licensing Site Posting 4 More EG "Films" and 2 More "Series" for MLP

    Quite a few of you have been sending this one in, and we have been digging around looking to clean it up. While the prospect of MORE PONY to break up the haitus on seasons is something we have been begging for since season two, there are quite a few things that may simply be lost in translation on this article.

    We can't yet completely debunk it, but we can't really confirm anything about it either.  Head on down below for a bit of digging on the Google translation that everyone is freaking out about. 

    Update: The Article has been edited, info below.

    From the Russian article, we can see pretty clearly that pony is growing substantially over there.  We rarely see big world-wide reveals outside of Hasbro's usual English, but with 45% of girls owning "a particular horse", and the seemingly celebratory outlook over there, it wouldn't be too out of left field.

    Lets break down the big talking points though line by line and see what exactly they "might" mean:

    Broadcast series "Friendship - it's a miracle!" Passed on the channel "Carousel" in 2012 and 2013, this year the show of the new series will continue. Two new series on «My Little Pony» will be released in 2015 and 2016.

    Some seem to have jumped on the "It's a Miracle" piece and thought it immediately meant this is a new series of pony, but 2012 and 2013 are long past. Chances are this is a cross-country reinterpretation on the title "Friendship is Magic". On the other side of the coin, the word "Series" outside the USA sometimes means what we would call "seasons" Russia isn't technically caught up with us on seasons, meaning the next few years already guarantees more "series" specifically for them. 

    Obviously this is all speculation, so don't egg my house in a few months if this stuff actually meant we are getting 2 new side series.  (Though there are rumors floating around of at least one, but only rumors.)

    Russian Dancing Ponies break.  It's a classic:

    On to Equestria Girls, one that may or may not be more promising. 

    In support of the brand is already removed 30 minuny film that will be shown during the 2014 channel "Carousel." To 2017 will be made ​​four more films.

    We already know Equestria Girls isn't a 30 minute film, so that muddles this one up a bit.  However, Russia already has Equestria Girls, on Carousel no less. Rainbow Rocks is on the way, with a 3rd book announced for October 7th.  While the second book didn't follow the movie (Running as a prequel instead), the third is still a mystery.

    The article notes that four more films are on the way, but at 30 minutes we can't count Rainbow Rocks as one of them. This means 2015, 2016, and 2017 will each have their own 30 minute "films".  There is a possibility that they split Rainbow Rocks up into a few different segments, but it is highly unlikely.  I'm honestly not sure what to make of this, other than we actually are getting some 30 minute Russian shorts.  You would think that would be something they'd release worldwide though with how much EG is being pushed everywhere.

    In the end, we really can't draw any solid conclusions, and a few of the actual Russians I've talked to are just as confused. Would I be alright with two side series and four more EG movies? Sure!  The side series will make up for the lack of an actual pony movie if anything, though I'd much prefer at least one before this show ends.

    Thanks to C├ęsar, Lusa, and everyone that sent all of this in, and hopefully we can get to the bottom of it all in the near future.

    Update: It looks like they have edited the article a bit.  The line that previously read "Two new series on "My Little Pony"... has been changed to:
    Two new series of the season «My Little Pony» will be released in 2015 and 2016.
    Thanks to Nick for the heads up there.