• Spotlight Music: Sim Gretina - Flutterbats / Escape / Praise The Sun

    PRAISE THE SUN.  Why can't Dark Souls 2 release this month? There aren't many games I buy on day one without waiting for a sale, maybe twice a year max, and that one is on the top of the pedestal. 

    We have a remix of BATS! from Sim Gretina, followed by a new original vocal track from Synthis, and finish with another new Arche song, Drums and Bass style.  How pony is it? Who knows! Who cares! Twilight Sparkle doesn't.  Have you ever talked to Twilight Sparkle? She listens to ALL the music.

    Get them below! And get some ratings going you anti-social listeners you.  Even Facebook comments should work bow. 

    1.) Sim Gretina - Flutterbats (Remix - Electronic)
    2.) Synthis - Escape (Vocal - Electronic)
    3.) Archie - Praise The Sun(Original Mix) (Instrumental - Drums and Bass)