• 44/66 Days of Pony - A Friend in Deed

    We've seen donkeys before in the show, certainly, but never more than as the end of a joke, much less as a main character. What better of a welcome to give said donkey looking forlornly for his long-lost companion than a sugar-infused, song-filled welcome wagon by Ponyville's resident party pony? Story is conflict, or so I'm told.

    If you've ever heard the fantastic Smile, Smile, Smile, it comes from this episode. As a matter of fact, this episode held the record for most songs in a single episode until Magical Alicorn Surprise came along and destroyed that record with its seven individual tunes. It's like it was a musical or something. Back to Smile, though- at three minutes and twenty three seconds it's certainly one of the longest, if not the longest song in the show. It nearly takes up a full seventeen percent of the episode. That, coincidentally, is also the last time I do any math this early in the morning.

    Be sure to catch Pinkie Pie Invents The Restraining Order after the break.

    "Guys, we have all these flash assets, what should we do with them?"