• 11/66 Days of Pony - Winter Wrap Up

    Winter Wrap Up Winter Wrap Up! How many of you had that song stuck in your head for months?  I know I did.  Even leaked 2 weeks early, this episode had a huge impact on the fandom.  The amount of people repeating this thing on their iPods was staggering.  Derpy gained the side name of "Ditzy Doo", primarily due to a note on Lauren Faust's deviant art, as well as her mention in the episode itself.  I don't see that name often these days, but back then there was some pretty heated debate on what to call her.  

    The episode itself helped set a foundation for the world of Equestria explaining the way seasons work, along with some backstory on the Earth Ponies founding of Ponyville.  We finally put to rest the piles of rumors surrounding Twilight's lack of magic in the leak, and screwing up spells was further cemented into her overall canon. 

    But what was the most important thing about Winter Wrap Up? What did absolutely everyone take away from one of the most loved early episodes? 

    Ponies really do look good in saddles.

    Get the episode below!