• Discussion: What Does Canon Mean to You with FiM?

    Meghan McCarthy recently tweeted a series of responses to a question about how canon Equestria Girls was in respect to the Friendship is Magic universe.  The simple simple response?  EQG did happen, Twilight learned a lesson, but it will not effect the future of the actual show.  Until Twilight falls in love with her new offically pointed bodyguard, Flash Sentry, you don't need to freak out (or if our inbox is any indication, you can stop freaking out!). 

    Onward to the discussion! We have seen loads of fan projects throughout the years that build their own canon in relation to the universe of pony.  The best example of this is Luna. We had a 10+ months to mold her personality in any way we chose, with everything from sad lonely Luna to the trolly and silly.  A poll we did back in September or 2012  (post official Luna) revealed how much the majority of you have stuck to her fanon interpretation, with Gamer Luna completely dominating. 

    So how important is canon to all of you content creators, normal fans, and super hardcore "raise the pitchforks" fans?  In a show that can completely change it wildly between seasons,  what does it mean to you?