• JAPAN TIME - Sonic Rainboom

    Sonic Rainboom was probably one of the most well recieved episodes of season one.  If people were on the fence about pony before it, this one shot a cannon ball and sent them sailing into GLORIOUS EQUESTRIA.   Everything from the Cloudsdale to the sonic rainboom itself were straight up epic. 

    We have some links for those that missed previous episodes and want to catch up for all that Japanesy goodness:

    Subtitled Episodes:
    Winter Wrap Up
    Call of the Cutie
    Fall Weather Friends
    Suited for Success
    Feeling Pinkie Keen

    For previous episodes and more, head over here

    Japanese opening #2 with intro video

    And head on down below the break for the usual embed and Sonic Rainboom!  Show starts at 7:30 Japan time, or 3:30 Pacific (30 minutes from the creation of this post)