• BronyDays Announcements!

    Some more news out of Europe as our friends over there continue to shape up their convention plans. BronyDays for instance has some announcements concerning some special guests as well as information for vendors who plan to sell there very handy. Check out the official release after the break.

    Fillies and Gentlecolts,

    The BronyDays staff is excited to announce more guests to attend the convention:
    - The very talented EileMonty will be there! Not only will she have a panel to talk about voice-acting and singing, and answer questions from the attendees, she will also perform at the concert scheduled during the BronyDays! EileMonty is well-known in the community for her roles in some high quality fan animations such as Picture Perfect Pony, and her performance in many awesome songs such as the gorgeous For A United Equestria.
    - The brony music band Przewalski's Ponies is coming all the way from Russia to perform at the concert that will take place at the convention! That concert is sure shaping up to be something memorable...

    On another topic, if you are interested in selling some merchandise or getting a stand at the BronyDays, you can apply now! The vendor files for the convention are available here (bottom of the page).

    Lastly, don't forget that the Frenchy tickets are 9% cheaper if you buy them before the 5th of August, so you might want to get them early! Go there to grab them now.

    Rendezvous in Paris, October 2013!
    The BronyDays staff