• Tumblr Spotlight: Twily and Smarty / Hunted Luna / Ask Trixie From Trixie VS

    Heya guys! Been a little while, hasn't it? But fear not, I return from the depths of the Tumblr Void to bring you three tumblrs for you all to sink your teeth into! Check them all out after the break and pay a visit to them if you can.

    If you'd like to suggest a tumblr for a future spotlight, whether it be your own or one you really like, please send it my way at [email protected]. I'll take a look at it as soon as I can!

    Twily and Smarty

    I, like many of you, grew up with Calvin and Hobbes and fell in love with the antics and vivid imagination of a young boy and his stuffed tiger. As I have said in the past, combining ponies with everything is pretty much a given inevitability and that observation has held true with Calvin and Hobbes. Twily and Smarty follows a young Twilight and her best pal Smarty through situations and events very similarly seen in Calvin and Hobbes. Filled with wit, cute art, and a faithfulness to the spirit of the original Calvin and Hobbes this tumblr is surely worth your time and support!

    Twilight and Smarty - Current Page - First Page

    Hunted Luna

    Second up on our list is Hunted Luna, an adventure style tumblr starring none other than Luna of course! Created by the talented TheParagon as artist and Poinger as the writer, Hunted Luna follows a Princess Luna on the run and needs your help to escape! While the tumblr is just getting started, it has potential with great looking art, a storyline with promise, and good dialogue. Be sure to check it out if you're a fan of Luna or of adventure style tumblrs in general!

    Hunted Luna - Current Page - First Page

    Ask Trixie From Trixie Vs.

    Are you a fan of the Trixie Vs. comic series we've had featured here on EqD? If so, we've got some good news for you! A tumblr by the creator of the Trixie Vs. comics has setup a tumblr following a similar premise to the comics. If you're a fan of the Trixie Vs. series then make sure to check this one out for more laughs!

    Ask Trixie From Trixie Vs. - Current Page - First Page