• Music of the Day #113

    Let me just hit you with a pile of diabetes and heart attacks before you go listen to these 13 Music of the Day tracks.  This pony is seriously manufactured to wipe out masses of people. 

    Onward to music!

    And another begging for genres.  Seriously, submit a genre! 

    [1] Source
    Octavia. Dead and Unforgiven - Resolution.

    [2] Source
    Radix-Morning In Ponyville Remix

    [3] Source
    [MLP FiM] Rina Chan's Theme

    [4] Source
    Starwolfff - Evil Greeds [Orchestral] [HD]
    Instrumental - Orchestral

    [5] Source
    Failure Success (Volt Chiptune Remix)
    Remix - Chiptune

    [6] Source
    MC Flowny ~ Hail Trixie
    Vocal - Rap

    [7] Source

    [8] Source
    MC Flowny ~ TARDIS Trigger
    Vocal - Rap

    [9] Source
    Dethurge - Original MLP Song by Crimzon AE
    Insturmental - Metal

    [10] Source
    TwisterBrony - A Rainboom in the Sky

    [11] Source
    Finight - Hush Now Quiet Now (minimal mix)

    [12] Source
    I've Got To Find A True True Friend (PenumbraH Mashup/Remix)
    Remix - Trance

    [13] Source
    ImTheMoon - 1000 Years
    Instrumental - Piano