• Convention Compilation - May 26th

    Conventions! We have a load of them coming up soon here.  Have some headlines:

    • Everfree Northwest Conbook Ad Space Announcement Deadline 
    • Buck 2013 Charity Auction Donations
    • Legends of Equestria Hosting Panels at Fiesta Equestria!, Everfree Northwest
    • Brony Days Guest Announcements
    And find the press releases below the break!

    Everfree Northwest Conbook Ad Space Announcement Deadline 

    The Everfree Times will soon be going to press for the Special Convention Edition, but you’ve still got a chance to advertise in our pages, and have your message be seen by thousands this July.
    All submissions should be appropriate for accompanied minors (roughly G to PG, in MPAA film rating parlance). You only have until May 31st to buy your space, and your graphics are due June 10th.
    Advertisement types, prices in USD, sizes in inches, minimum pixels at 300dpi:
    • full, $150, 7"×10-3/8" (2100×3113)
    • half, $100, 7"×5-1/8" (2100×1538)
    • box third, $75, 4-5/8"×5-1/8" (1313×1538)
    • squat third, $75, 7"×3-3/8" (2100×1013)
    • half-column, $50, 2-1/4"×5-1/8" (675×1538)
    • third-column, $35, 2-1/4"×3-3/8" (675×1013)
    Payment shall be made via paypal to [email protected] and should include the following information in the note:
    • company name
    • size of advert
    • contact e-mail
    • any additional notes
    Any questions should be directed to [email protected]

    Buck 2013 Charity Auction Donations

    As BUCK 2013 draws ever closer, we’re once again gathering a hoard of interesting items for our Charity Auction!

    We asked the public what charity we should donate to and they responded with a wide range of options. We’ve narrowed the choices down to ten smaller and lesser known charities who perform vital work, but are also the most neglected when it comes to donations.

    You can vote on which one we donate to at the UK of Equestria forums HERE (http://ukofequestria.co.uk/threads/charity-selection-poll.9068/)!

    The poll ends on Monday, so don’t delay!

    In the meantime, we’re looking for items to sell at the auction in August. If you have anything Pony related, or even not pony but really cool, that you’d like to donate to the charity auction, then send your details to [email protected] today. It can be anything from priceless memorabilia, to an interesting poster: show us what you’ve got — original and unique (e.g. signed) items tend to fetch higher prices!

    Our vendors this year have also generously promised to create custom and unique one-offs for the auction; if you’d like to join in, then tell us what you’d like to create.

    Donated items should be brought to the convention and given to our concierge staff at the Information Point, or posted to our Publicity department who will provide an address if contacted.

    Legends of Equestria Hosting Panels at Fiesta Equestria!, Everfree Northwest

    May 24, 2013- Staff from Legends of Equestria, a massively multiplayer online game set in a My Little Pony-inspired universe, will be attending both Fiesta Equestria! and Everfree Northwest. In addition to presenting panels, representatives of the Legends of Equestria team will give convention attendees an opportunity to play the game in its current pre-alpha state. Convention-specific quests within the game will be available to those who attend.

    The team members who will be attending Fiesta Equestria! in Houston, Texas, on June 28th through 30th, are:

    Bloomberg - Editor-in-Chief. Bloomberg has been on the project for the past two years, where he now serves as the allegedly deciduous writing team leader.

    Blue Ink - Writer. A professional editor, Blue is the second-in-command of the writers and has been working on the game since last year.

    TheGrandFunkasaurus - 3D modeler. The grandest of all dinosaurs, Funk is a live sound technician in real life who has worked on the game for the past two years.

    Tekner - Programmer. Tekner is a self-employed game designer and developer, and has been working on Legends of Equestria for one year.

    For more information about Fiesta Equestria! feel free to visit their website at www.fiestaequestria.com/

    The team members who will be attending Everfree Northwest in Seattle, Washington, on July 5th through 7th, are:

    AnyaSmash - Concept Art leader. A long-time lover of tea, Anya has been working on Legends of Equestria for nearly two years and is a graphic design student.

    Cerebrate - Programming leader. Cerebrate owes Anya $5.50 and some burnt banana bread, and has been working on the project for nearly two years.

    Kit - Graphic Art leader. Kit teaches children how to make computer games and works with horses, and has been working on the project for nearly two years.

    Ryan Scanlon - 3D modeler. Ryan has been on the team for seven months, and has modeled several lovely buildings for Canterlot within that time frame.

    For more information about Everfree Northwest, feel free to visit their website at www.everfreenw.com/

    Brony Days Guest Announcements

    The BronyDays staff is pleased to announce three new guests who will attend the convention in Paris, October 2013:

    The Living Tombstone, one of the biggest musicians in the fandom, will be present! Check out his channel here.

    LaserPon3, famous for his spectacular laser shows, will perform at the convention! His channel here.

    Yulynh, a very talented visual artist, who designed the posters for both our convention and the crowdfunding campaign, will also be at the BronyDays! Check out her Deviant Art here.

    Inviting these guests has been made possible by our fundraising campaign which is still running, and our higher reward is a lunch with the guests of honour, including M.A. Larson, Jananimations, The Living Tombstone and LaserPon3... That's an opportunity you don't want to miss!

    More info about the BronyDays here.